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Open your Mind, Mouth, & Palate to Nandini Austin’s World

Updated: Oct 22, 2022

PhotoCredit @JudithRae

Namaste ..

‘I'm Every Woman - it's all in me’ Chaka Khan sings in her song, Yes, that's me. Let's face it, we play so many roles in life, and I, for one, have concluded that I will never be one thing. To sum it up, I am a British-born Mauritian dancer, performer, and certified Ayurveda wellness coach.

Ayurveda recognizes that we are all unique individuals with specific body constitutions, not one size fits all. So in the same spirit of our multilayered selves, within my blog, I will unveil the layers I am passionate about, varied and flowingly interconnected. I will share glimpses of my life and tips on living a life in balance through the lens of Dance, Ayurveda, and Mauritius.

Ayurveda is a holistic healthcare system that connects the mind and body and draws on the notion that we are intuitive beings. Given the proper support, our bodies have the innate intelligence to heal us as long as we nurture, nourish, and listen to them :)

As an Ayurvedic coach, I offer coaching sessions and guide others to navigate their health and keep disease away by making conscious lifestyle choices.

Ayurveda is the ancient Indian art of living a more healthy, more vibrant, and wholesome life.