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Ayurveda Health Consultations

'Invest in Yourself' With The Ultimate Private Self-Care Gift

Together we look at all the marvels that make you uniquely you, and do a deep dive into the three pillars of Ayurveda, diet, sleep and sex, In Ayurveda this means working with your natural energy. The session includes-in an depth health consultation,, Dosha discovery and identifying imbalances,  It includes a follow up - with a realistic and effective lifestyle plan packed with recipes and lifestyle hacks to meet you where you are

Investment $499 total includes  90 Min session consult, 1 hour to to cover life plan and all email follow ups, access to a library of videos, articles and more.

Follow up Appointments

1 hour $45,00 to track progress and keep on track

Get deep, down & dirty into Ayurveda Nutrition

 Learn why and how digestion does not just start in your mouth! in this session we will go over the best foods for your dosha, review recipes, discuss how to set up you Ayurveda Kitchen and include practical cooking hacks, recipes to stay on track with your goals.

$99.00 in person consultation

$125 In person

"Uncovering my Dosha and understanding my genetic blueprint for Health was like finally coming home to my your body, mind and spirit. "

''I used to consider my belly as a kitchen that was open all hours, but Ayurveda has really helped me understand what my body needs and when.''

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