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Ayurveda Consults

I am every woman, its all in me ..... Chaka Khan

 Yes, I believe every woman can harness the vibrant health and happiness that lives inside. Using the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda,  I believe women can maximize their health and vibrancy at any age regardless of their health history. With a balanced diet, and effective exercise for the mind, body, and spirit, embracing nature, and a positive outlook on life, we can learn how to stay younger for longer, inside and out, and live life to our highest potential. 

I strive to live life in balance with boundless energy  and vitality. I  cook, eat, dance and practice an Ayurvedic lifestyle…and I empower my clients to do the same, and be accountable for their own health and happiness.

My passion runs deep for helping my clients tap into their true essence, find their unique rhythm, and remember what makes them flow.

What you can expect from our  1-1 Sessions

Improved Digestion 

Ayurveda Nutrition 

  • Replace food addictions with Intuitive eating

  • Healthy ​Cooking lessons with spices

  • Food Shopping  &  Spice Trip to Albany 

Improved Mindset

Ayurvedic Health Coaching


  • Health history & and goals

  •  Dosha Discovery/ imbalances

  •  Lifestyle Plan: includes meal planning,  Movement, breathwork and exercise 

  • Ongoing accountability, and check-ins to support you. 

Improved Confidence

Movement Classes


  • Feel at home in your body

  • Celebrate your unique self

  • Ayurveda Fitness classes

  • Ayurveda + Dance + Cardio

  • Global Dance Fusion

  • Water Therapy/ Water Aerobics

  • Can be done in private sessions or groups


Andrea T 

I had tried every kind of diet you can think and always suffered with poor body image. I met Nandini at one of her Global Dance Fusion classes and loved them so much I wanted more. So we had some sessions together and I explained why those other diets did not work as they did not get to the root cause.  Nandini made me me realize I had been viewing it all wrong. I was so focused on losing weigh that I was not balancing my life in other areas. She helped me gain balance and perspective. Now I understand how digestion, starts much before our food enters our mouths.  The whole science of Ayurveda is truly eye opening and very intuitive once you understand it. Thank you Nandini for helping me shed the weight slow and surely and making me feel good about my body.
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