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Cooking Classes & Recipes to support your Dosha



TO SPICE up your life, health and dishes with intoxicating Spices?

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Do you long to create new Flavorful dishes,recipes, and drinks

   Cooking Classes & Experiences

  I am a self confessed “Piment Junkie” AKA Spice Junkie, that also offers playful, cooking classes to encourage you to explore new foods, flavors and combinations. You; ll discover the medicinal benefits of spice and how they spices can aid digestion


You will learn delicious recipe from simple to decadent  that ignite your health, support your gut health and boost your immune system

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Cooking classes

Ayurveda Cooking 101

Learn the foundations of Ayurvedic cooking: Discover the 3 Doshas (elemental energies) and how to determine your body type, and select ingredients that support your are body and bring you and  your body strength digestive strength, and much more.

Gain valuable advice on on setting up your Ayurvedic kitchen for scuess, happiness efficiency and Joy, You will learn the specific qualities and effects of key Ayurvedic ingredients.

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You gain hands on recipes for meals, Ayurvedic staples and spice blends that support your individual health and well-being.

  • Learn  how to stoke your digestive, How to prep cook and eat delicious dishes that give you a golden glow from the inside
  • To choose and enjoy foods that are personalized for your body type, goals and lifestyle
  • Discover the 'hidden; medicine cabinet that exists in your kitchen ( yes spices aid digestion)
  • Encourage a playful yet balanced approach to eating and cooking
  • Learn how to use spices as nourishment

Cooking classes

Cooking for Your Body Mind and Spirit through the seasons

  • Learn about the six tastes of food, how ingredients affect your physiology and immunity and how to determine your ideal foods based on how they make you feel.

    Explore cooking through all four seasons including: How to eat in alignment with your local climate, common imbalances that people experience in each season, how to address your specific imbalances with seasonal ingredients and how to prepare delicious recipes in all four seasons.


Get Curried Away

  • During a simple one-pot cooking class guests
  • create a curry minfdully whilst learning about the  history ande fragrant world of spices. (Choice of Chicken/Veg Curry or Mung Bean Dhal)
    Rediscover your Digestive Power 
  • Uncover digestive hacks

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