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Dance to access your inner spirit

Live. Breathe. Dance.

We are all energetic vibrations weaving together in a universal cosmic dance. When we practice consciousness, dance together, and are fully tuned to our highest vibrational essence, the universe dances harmoniously with us.

In my joyous, fun, and uplifting dance fitness classes, I encourage fellow ‘lovers of life to get those endorphins pumping to curated playlists to connect with their inner light and highest self, known as the Atma in Sanskrit.

I facilitate happiness, compassion, and connection to the self, community, and Spirit through Ayurvedadance to motivate others to live their most authentic, balanced, and empowered lives and embody their highest expression and a deep connection to the universe and nature. 


Current Classes

Each Class is 45 mins

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Global Dance Fusion - A New Way to Move

Tuesdays 10 am At Ridge-well Fitness, $10 drop in no reservation required. 
This class is open to all people, no former dance experience is required. It is a dance fitness class so reasonably vigorous! 
Suitable for all levels,

A unique dance aerobics style class that takes you around the world and is geared to raise your vibrational energy. This class is rooted in simple choreography derived from Indian Kathak & Belly dance, Caribbean and African dance, yoga, and other movement modalities. Using an exhilarating global soundtrack, and weaving Ayurveda nuggets of wisdom (the sister science to Yoga) throughout the class, we can awaken and enliven parts of ourselves that may be dormant and harness some natural joy into our spirit. 


AQUA VEDA Fridays 10.30 YMCA Kingston

Exercise in water forms a very important part of an Ayurvedic lifestyle as it not only expands digestive impurities known as ama but improves lightness and flexibility while decreasing stiffness in the body.

Channel your inner mermaid and Aqua Goddess with a fun, aerobic dance workout in shallow water. With a combo of interval training and fast and slow rhythms that tone and sculpts the body with easy-to-follow dance steps.
It is energizing, powerful, uplifting, and fun

Upcoming Events

  •  Dance Fusion Olivebridge Library Wednesday's in February 12.30
    Feb 12, 12:30 PM – Feb 13, 1:15 PM
    West Shokan, 4033 NY-28A, West Shokan, NY 12494, USA
    The best way to get out of your mind is to get into your body! This unique dance aerobic class is uniquely fun and geared to raise your vibrational energy.

Work with me

Event Dance Performance

I am available to perform dance and speak at events, on subjects varying from Dance, Healthy Living,  Ayurveda, Lifestyle, hospitality, and entertaining 

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