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Never Stop Moving

British Born Nandini Austin is a certified Ayurvedic Wellness Practitioner, and Dance Fitness Teacher, whose mission is to inspire everyone to live, eat, drink, and consciously celebrate a healthy, vibrant life.

Nandini Austin attests that Ayurveda was always written in her Kismet, (destiny) and foretold in her Dharma, (the cosmic law): Nandini was born into an academic Indo-Mauritian family and so was ingrained into Vedanta philosophy, spiritualism, and Hinduism. Her late father was a renowned priest who performed Vedic ceremonies in the community and temples across London, England.

Nandini grew up in a multi-cultural household and has lived in both London and Mauritius (her parent’s homeland and a paradise island in the Indian Ocean) where she observed her “nani’ (grandmother) living a plant-based Ayurveda lifestyle, living off the fruits and vegetables of her garden till the ripe old age of 96.

Nandini graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Hospitality and worked in the luxury boutique Hospitality and Wellness industries. She traveled the globe and was exposed to a plethora of healing modalities, diverse cultures, dance styles, spices, and exotic cuisines. 

Nandini began her spiritual practice of Transcendental Meditation by working at the well-known nonprofit “The David Lynch Foundation”. Nandini curated wellness days and retreats featuring Transcendental Meditation programs combining other healing modalities.

When her beloved father passed away Nandini decided to go full circle back to her roots and become an Ayurvedic Practitioner graduating from the esteemed Kerala Academy based in Kerala, India, and California.

Nandini combines her passion for Ayurveda Wellness and dance and hosts Ayurveda workshops to help you live a life in balance as well as dance fitness classes to raise your vibrational inner spirit. 

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When I am not creating, I can be found hosting Mauritian cooking classes writing, or dancing in my herb and spice garden upstate, reveling with my two sons, Zeal and Revel, whose name is inspired by that activity.

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