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Tri Doshic Body Balancing oil

Poise is a nod to my Mauritian heritage and means ‘balance in French’. This  Tri Doshi Body oil is handcrafted in the Hudson Valley upstate New York in Olivebridge New York. This bottle of magic Ayurvedic blends was co-created with Morphologically a NY-based holistic aromatherapy company, specializing in handcrafted and thoughtfully blended essential oils and products for relaxation.


Ayruvedic Oils

Poise is made with 15-year-old aged sandalwood, bergamot, frankincense, myrrh, and lavender - all Ayurvedically-driven ingredients known for their calming, rejuvenating, and earthy qualities.

Aruvedic Oils

Poise was born to overcome overwhelm and ground us in times of need. A quick whiff when life is not going your way ie partner, not cooperating, kids not listening, or being unwillingly exposed to someone at work who is negative. When emotions build up, rather than lose them, rebalance your energy with this calming essential oil. 


Ayurveda Spice Sips powered by Plants  

Holistic Goods

Inside your Wellness gift box, 

x 3 custom garnishes

x 3  handcrafted artisan enhancers (syrups)  that are designed with Ayurveda nourishing spices and herbs, all inspired by the flavors of Mauritius.


Our Cardamom +  Star Anise Enhancer has grounding and earthy qualities as it's made with warming spices like Star Anise and Cardamom designed to give you a glow from the inside. 

Our Hibiscus and Rose Enhancer has soothing, calming qualities, made with Hibiscus flowers and roses to help you calm and cool down.

Loose lethargy and lighten up with our Lemongrass + Kaffir Lime Leaf enhance, which has Keffir lime leaves and Lemon Grass which energizes and stimulates digestion. 

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