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In Home experience & catering

Ayurveda, Spices, Dance

Let me entice your inner Spice Goddess and open your mind, mouth and palate to new flavors, music and dance styles!

Whether it’s a sit-down dinner for 2 or 25 guests, a small casual dinner party or a lavishly planned birthday or anniversary event, I design and cater immersive dining experiences serving up Spicy Flavorful dished using intoxicating healing and nourishing spices. Whether it’s whimsical, sophisticated or straight up sexy we bring the party to you,

Cooking Parties & Retreats

Are you or your group looking for a personal Chef to cook for an upcoming retreat or small event? I offer several balanced menu with different themes, ranging from for Healthy Headonist, Ayurveda Yogi or as well as more decadent and yummy spicy menus.

Are you interested in gathering in the kitchen to cook up some delicious and healthy food, learn new tips, get recipes, and have fun?

Cooking parties and retreats at your location are designed just for you. I source seasonal, local, and organic ingredients from area farms when available. Adds on avalible like Dance Performers, Dance Classes, and Ayurveda Group Consults

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