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Corporate Wellness Experiences

Too much stress at work can lead to disengagement, burnout, more sick days, and strained relationships at work. Now add poor lifestyle choices into that mix and you are now heading to a state of disease  All these factors are linked to various health problems. 
Incorporating Ayurveda in the workplace can bring a wholesome shift in the workplace culture. Ayurveda is all about the connection of body and mind. Maintaining good mental health is imperative to wellness alongside exercise and diet. 

 In the corporate wellness program, I  offer a variety of engaging immersive, experiences and workshops, and classes that guide employees to understanding their unique body constitution.  I use tools like self-care, self-awareness, and Ayurveda Nutrition, breathwork, Ayurveda Movement and provide simple tips to eat a well-balanced diet, and self-care routine to bring vitality, and energy and boost productivity.

     Ayurveda Nutrition 

Make Spice Your Vice

Corporate Nutrition

Learn why you are what you digest and discover how spices have been used for thousands of years to protect health. Uncover their medicinal properties and learn to incorporate them into your diet. Learn new conscious cooking and mindful eating tips.

Get Curried Away

Corporate Cooking Class

Learn the essential tools for your kitchen and how to organize your kitchen for efficiency and enjoyment, as well as time-saving tips for preparing fresh meals every day, during a simple one-pot cooking class guests will make a mindful curry and experience the fragrant world of spices, select chicken/veg curry or dhal.

Ayurveda Mocktails - Sips Powered By Spice 

Mocktails Corporate Wellness

In this immersive mocktail class, you will learn to craft three unique artisan sodas and get nourishment fron nature, you will learn about the history of spice and their medicinal al benefits.

Albany NY Spice Shopping Day Trip

Corporate Spice Shopping

Open your mind, mouth, and palate to  far-flung spices and world foods. We will visit Asian and Indian grocers in Albany to buy spices, legumes, vegetable to stocks your pantry, etc. (excludes transport)


Andrea T 

I  have always been overweight and had tried every kind of diet you can think  of. When I met Nandini, she explained why those other diets  did not work as they did not get to the root cause.  Nandini provided Ayruveda  insight to make me realize I had been viewing it all wrong. I was so focused on losing weigh that I was not balncing my life in other areas. She also explained how digestion, starts much before our food enter out mouths.  The whole science of Ayruveda is truly eye opening and very intuitive once you understand it. Thank you Nandini for helping me shed the weight and making me feel good about my body.
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