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7 ways to stay Mindful & Motivated this March

Updated: Mar 17

Ayurveda & Lifestyle tips by Ceriftifed Ayurveda Wellness Coach & Ayurvedancer

Nandini Natasha Austin

Dear Reader,

Congratulations on making it halfway through this mad month of March. Is the ever-unpredictable weather driving you around the bend? One day we are wrapped up in winter coats with major snowfall, other days we are walking outdoors on a warm sunny day. One thing is certain, March is a month of uncertainty, so get accustomed to expecting the unexpected.

Photo: My Meditation garden nook

If over winter your body has become a bit stiff, like the bloke in the picture above ;) echoing nature, now your body may seem to “loosen up” in response to March’s atmospheric changes. If you are tuning in you are sensing it. Perhaps your digestion may be off? your appetite may have dulled as your body begins to naturally shed off those unneeded winter pounds. puffier skin may appear as your body tissues become more succulent, and on an emotional level, you may feel a bit more sluggish even lethargic or depressed.

Sound familiar? If like me you are feeling the frenetic energy of March, then read on where I share my top Ayurvedic tips to help you stay mindfully motivated for the rest of this month.

Photo: My Garden

Maintaining Alignment

The first thing to realize is that feeling out of sorts during the spring transition is quite normal. There is a reason for these subtle changes in our bodies and minds at this time of year. The key to maintaining alignment durin