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Six Ayurveda Sleep Rituals to help you Sleep like a baby

Updated: Feb 23

by Certified Ayurveda Movement Coach & Teacher of Ayurveda Wisdom Nandini Austin

Baby boy sleeping
Zeal Gaya Austin as a baby

Are you struggling to fall asleep or stay asleep? Well dont worry, you are not alone. For some of us, a lack of sleep may worsen during winter which in Ayurveda, is predominately a Kapha time with Vata undertones. As when it is really cold, this Vata energy can go out of whack and show up in the body as body as anxiousness, fear, depression and yes difficulty sleeping.

Many of my clients say their minds simply cannot 'switch off, like their minds are still buzzing with thoughts, sifting through all of the undigested thoughts and actions of the day, that eventually spill into the night. Questions like ' I don't understand why they did this or that, to I need a vacation, or how do I get out of this debt, and the list goes on....

Well sleep is not merely about putting your bed on the pillow and closing your eyes. It's about your ability to surrender, to trust, to let go and to stop struggling. On a simpler level its about allowing your parasympathetic nervous system to do its job. all,

To make matters worse, many of us are spending our last moments before we go to bed, scrolling aimlessly through our phones, watching Tv, or prepping our to-do list for the next day. Thus allowing your brain to marinate on those mindless images and mundane tasks for the next 8 hours in your sleep. In Ayurveda this is known as the misuse of our senses, where often and unknowingly dull or clog our sense organs, which are gateways to our soul.

All these actions not only equate to poorer quality sleep, but they actually delay the onset of sleep. Have you noticed that you get a second wind if you stay up after 10pm? This is because in the Ayurveda clock, there are also optimal hours times to rest, wake and move that synch with the circadian rhythms of the sun and nature. After 10pm is a considered ' Vata time.' which is all about movement ! Its does not mean you should move around, but instead that its your body's time to detox, get busy and move all the blood and cells around allowing the body to heal, repair overnight and basically, do its job.

The good news ? Many of these thoughts and actions can be managed with some good old Ayurveda lifestyle rituals aka Dinacharya. These are key daily habitual routines, you work on each day so they help balance you and you repeat them often till they become second nature.

So read on below where I share a few hacks to set you up for a successful night of Slumber, and remember the 80/ 2o rule. You don't have to do ALL of these 100% of the time. Life is not perfect and stuff happens. Build a routine that make sense for your unique self.

Ayurveda recognizes the deep rest we need as humans. And get getting good sleep requires effort and time.Through conscious daily lifestyle tweaks, watching our stress levels and and allowing our bodies to trust, surrender we allow that deep rest to come. Try some these rituals including this Spicy Saffrom Milk and see if they help. Remember by adopting just one of these change like going to bed at the same time each night is a start. Ayurveda it's about the little changes over time that yield big results. So don't get overwhelmed with a big list of to do's. Remember Self maintenance, should be a necessity one that makes you feel good, not a chore.

 PS if you still find yourself worrying about everything in life, remember we must resist the urge to hold on to life so tightly. I l lighten the mood and sing this song. Que Sera, Sera  its an Italian song and Doris Day introduced it in the Alfred Hitchcock film 'The Man Who Knew Too Much (1956), 'It's a fun song to a make light of your situation.

Qué será, será

Whatever will be, will be

The future's not ours to see

Qué será, será

What will be, will be

If you want to learn more about Ayurveda and how it can help you, schedule a free 30-minute Ayurvedic consultation here 

As always, we will continue to inspire healthy, mindful living and empower you to make informed decisions about yourself and your future health.

Above all......Live a life in balance!

With Love and Abundance

Nandini Austin

Live Life in Balance

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