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Eight Benefits of Cilantro

by Certified Ayurveda Movement Coach & Ayurvedancer

Nandini Natasha Austin

Cilantro is a love or hate plant. but did you know that whether you love this is down to your genes.. right! One thing is for sure, it was loved in India and used as early as the 4th and 5th BC for its floral notes in incense and perfumes but is also known for its cooling qualities.

With summer in tow, we are ramping up to the Pitta season according to Ayurveda which brings with it all kinds of issues from heat rash, burning sensations, irritability, intense thirst, headaches, and digestive problems.

All these can stem from an overheated body and mind. In Ancient times, Ayurvedic sages used several herbs and spices to help cool the body, which included coriander, cumin, fennel, and cardamom. Even in hotter temperatures, the flavors of these cooling spices and herbs were known to help beat the heat.

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Cilantro is a firm staple in the Austin residence, I serve it as a garnish with almost everything as it lessens the heat of spicy foods which is great for my children. I also now have a cilantro plant on my deck. I was given it after my Ayurveda Nutrition cooking class' Get Curried Away; in partnership with Soil to Soul a non-profit and part of the Holistic Healthcare family.

Nandinis Kitchen

Cilantro has so many benefits, and coriander seeds are more potent. The cooling effect of coriander seeds has also been known to help reduce stress, improve mood, and even help with insomnia. They can even also be used for rashes like poison Ivy - yes it's true - see below for more benefits.

So this summer, don't let the heat get you all hot and bothered. If you are susceptible to overheating like a Kapha or Pitta Dosha, then keep calm and carry on eating cilantro.

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Love and Abundance

Nandini Austin

Live Life in Balance

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