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Flow through February with these Five Ayurveda Lifestyle hacks

Updated: Feb 12

By Certified Ayurveda Consultant, Edutainer and Creator of Global Dance Fusion

Nandini Natasha Austin

Indian Lady in the Woods
Nandini Austin Ayurveda Health Coach

So how are you feeling my lovelies? Its been a while. The sun has been shining here in the Hudson Valley and the glimmer of spring is upon the horizon, but let's not get too excited yet, we have a few more weeks to go. Winter according to Ayurveda is mainly a Kapha season- ie the depths of winter and spring - the time when our environment holds the coldest, heaviest, wettest qualities of the year.

This time of year can be a great time to take stock, ponder and pause yet it can also be a time of mixed emotions, isolation and depression. Whatever your current stance, one thing for sure, is that we need to keep ourselves 'energetically' and mentally buoyant especially in during these long winter days when our emotions can go even more out of whack!

Winter Scene in Olivebridge
My Garden Narnia

Staying Energetically and mentally buoyant

Thankfully Ayurveda is a beautiful philosophical Science that we can learn from. It takes its cue from nature and the circadian rhythm of life. It encourages a return to a more mindful way of living. A few years ago, I became certified in this preventative holistic health care system also known as the "Science of Life and Longevity.' Why you may ask?

Well because over my life I have witnessed more and and more loved ones suffering from non communicable lifestyle diseases like obesity, diabetes, hypertension, anxiety and stress. I lost my father this way and he died at the end of February, a few days before my birthday, so February it's always a funky month for me.

Birdhouse in Nature
My Back Garden and Bird House

Ayurveda helped me not only re frame my relationship with food and how I viewed myself but also how I viewed the world. I now view 'healthy living' as a way of life not a chore, or an effort but a joy, and a way for us to truly see ourselves, who we are, under the noise, ego and make up. Ultimately its about self love, and now I get to share this beautiful science with my family, friends, children and clients which I am eternally grateful for.

Stone Statue Ganesh
Stone Ganesh from my Fathers House in London

So read on below where I share a few of my favorite Ayurveda lifestyle hacks to give us a helping hand and keep you Energetically and Mentally Buoyant during the Month of February.

#1 Rise and Shine before Sunrise

Though you may struggle at even the mere thought of rising before sunrise, especially in Winter, think again. Whilst it may seem counterproductive by waking before sunrise you are synch-ing and energizing with the natural rhythm of the sun. The results is more energy as sleeping in will create more lethargy. Just try it before you think I'm crazy but make sure you go to bed before before 10pm the night before.

This quiet time is ideal to sit and be with your thoughts, if you can't meditate, then listen to music, journal, cuddle your loved ones, stretch, make tea, whatever, and if you are lucky, you'll catch a beautiful sun rise. Often I play a meditation track "Listen " by Alan Watts .... well I love his British Accent and witty view of Hinduism and Buddhism.

Sunrise in Olivebridge - view from my Ayurveda Studio

#2 Eating Hot Hot Hot ! Well ..a warming diet

So, I grew up dancing to lots of music styles including this 'Soca' song' 'Hot Hot Hot' by the Merryman and this song makes me happy. And yes to balance Kapha, you want to eat warm, cooked, slightly oily, well-spiced foods that are EASY to digest and that generate heat. These include soups, stews, and broths. And love your Legumes,and pick easily digestible pulses. l recently hosted a cooking class using the 'Queen of the Pulses' and you can see the recipe here

Dhal by nandini Austin Ayurveda Cook and Chef
Red Lentil Dhal

Heating vegetables like radishes, cooked spinach, onions, carrots, and other root vegetables are well-received this time of year. Hot spices like garlic, ginger, black pepper, cayenne, and chili peppers as they heat you up from the inside.

Have you noticed how your body craves more substantial foods this time of year? Well, that's normal! You see the cold weather forces our digestive capacity to increase because our body requires more fuel to stay warm and healthy. The good news is that if you find yourself eating large quantities of food this time of year, then just eat more nourishing supportive foods that are easy to digest and warming. I love this sauteed spinach in coconut oil with garlic.


Spinach cooking
Canadian Spinach sauteeed in Coconut oil

Tumeric Latte with Saffron
My Golden Glow Tumeric Latte

3. Drink warm beverages

Drink room temperature, hot,or warm beverages and avoid iced or chilled drinks, when possible. Try a a cup of my golden Spicy Turmeric Milk before bed which can encourage sound sleep. If you are an intuitive eater, dietary habits actually come quite naturally. TIP: You can also increase heat and circulation while encouraging clean and clear respiratory passages by drinking a tea boiled for five minutes with ½ teaspoon each of dried ginger, cinnamon, and clove.

4. Keep on moving

Regular exercise is essential for keeping your Kapha in balance. In the words of Soul to Soul, keep moving and aim for activities that raise your heart rate, such as dance aerobics or brisk walking- just move. Come Join our tribe at Global Dance Fusion to connect with others and celebrate you. Remember when Kapha is out of balance, can show up in the body as heaviness, slowness, and lethargy.

Dance class nandini austin group of ethnic ladies
Nandini teaches Global Dance Fusion at the Omega Institute

# 5. Find something to spark joy

I am ending with my favorite tip. Yes, anyone that knows me, knows I love to live life and spark joy. After all the name Nandini in Sanskrit means Woman that bestows Joy . I often ask my clients this question, and for many of us ,joy has been sucked out of life, or we have just forgotten how it feels. So I always suggest to find something each day that brings you joy, not matter how large of small. Watch a funny movie, talk with a loved one, cuddle with your pets, or dance in your living room. Anything to feed your soul, pamper you and make you happy.

I'm hosting a blissful sensory food and drink experience next Saturday February 17th to awaken your senses in an intimate Valentine evening which is all about AWAKENING OUR SENSES. We will host in a stunning location in the woods in Shokan, NY, so bring yourselves along with a loved one or friend and share in some culinary tastings and tantalize your tastebuds. You can reserve your spot here I hope too see you there.

Valentines Cocktail by the Cocktail architect
The Cocktail Architect Hibicus Rose Mocktail

Whatever you do, remember to Revel in the moment. Life is not constant and the changing seasons will always play havoc with our bodies, minds and spirit. With Ayurveda we have a life science we can learn from. We can turn inwards, be more conscious and discover more ways to balance ourselves this month. So, dance more, laugh more, oh and don't forget to Live life in balance.

If you want to learn more about Ayurveda Nutrition, and Cooking, or host a private party with healing foods, get in touch here

See you soon in one of my events and orclasses

Love and Abundance

Nandini Austin

Live Life in Balance

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Lovely and inspiring. I find that when I incorporate these recommendations, I feel so much better. A beautiful reminder. Always easier to do these things when you know you’re not alone!

16 feb.
Reageren op

Hello Natalia Thank you for sharing your comment, we are all struggling to find balance in this crazy world and you are not alone :(


11 feb.

What a wonderful surprise to find this in my in-box!

Thank you! Heartwarming words and wisdom😍

16 feb.
Reageren op

So happy to hear this. A little bit of cheer for you

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