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Keep your Cool this summer with an Ayurvedic Mocktail The Hibiscus Rose Petal Cooler

A Summer Recipe by Nandini Natasha Austin & Yusef Austin from the Cocktail Architect

Photocredit@ Colinmiller

On these balmy hot sticky days, it's tempting to go for an ice-cold soda, but with many of them loaded with Caffeine, Sugar Aspartame, and additives they don't leave you feeling so good. So why not invest in a soda stream and create your DIY drink? Opt for cooling herbs and flowers like - Hibiscus flowers and rose petals. They are both great for countering Pitta’s heat.

Hibiscus introduces the three tastes known to soothe the fiery pitta dosha—sweet, bitter, and astringent, Hibiscus also helps soothes the nervous system and calms energy due to its 'rasa,' and a cooling 'virya', or energetic effect on the body. Rose petals are also regarded in Ayurvedic medicine as the most essential flower for reducing excess heat.

The following non-alcoholic mocktail recipe is a refreshing and restorative tonic for a pitta dosha, or to enjoy during the pitta season, that combines both these wonderful herbs and flowers incorporating all three of its balancing flavors. This drink is so easy to make because you can buy this delicious Hibiscus and Rose Petal artisan syrup online here. It's made from fresh spices and whole ingredients, there is no nasty stuff, additives, or preservatives. I can vouch for this as its made by my husband Yusef Austin from the Cocktail Architect. The syrup was born after 10 years of us perfecting it and we use it in our cocktail classes and events online! The Syrup is so versatile that you can use it in baking I also use it in my Rhubarb Crumble dish.

Yusef Austin & Nandini Austin: Co-Founders of the Cocktail Architect

My husband Yusef from the Cockail Architect uses dried Hibiscus flowers for this syrup and infuses them with the rose petals creating a unique simple syrup. We have rows and rows of jars, of spices in our Kitchen see left.

So try this feel-good summer drink that is made with love. It's sure to quench your thirst on these hot summer days,

The Ingredients

  • 1 oz Hibusu and Rose Syrups

  • 3/4 oz Lemon Juice

  • Top with Soda Water then stir

  • Add a slice of Cucumber to Garnish


  • In a shaker tin half filled with ice

  • Pour in 1oz of the syrup

  • Then the juice of one lemon

  • Shake and strain into a highball

  • Top off with Soda water

  • Stir

  • Add a Cucumber slice as garnish

( you can add 2 oz of Gin) if you want a boozey cocktail :)

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